About Hot Momma Inc

Hot Momma, Inc, a clothing design company that delivers elegant, trendy, sophisticated wardrobes for both men and women. Hot Momma, Inc is chosen over retail and other clothing design companies because there are no cookie-cutter-like outfits. Each piece of clothing is carefully crafted with the pride and competence that consumers come to expect.

Meet Our Lead Designer - Zainab Phillips

Lead Designer, Zainab Phillips produces complex, elaborate, and detail oriented garments that allow clients to resonate with Hot Momma, INC fashion on a personal level. They feel more confident, providential, and alluring. To that extent, Zainab has consistently found a welcoming outlet for her designs.

Zainab is a native Nigerian who moved to Minnesota in 1983. A graduate of Coolidge HS, she went on to obtain her Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from the University of Minnesota. Afterwards, she relocated to Washington, DC where she decided to collaborate with Hot Momma, INC.

From fashion shows, drag shows, design collaborations, as well as the Miss Capital Pride Pageant where she created a gown for Miss Vietnam (Now Queen). As a result, Zainab also became her personal stylist for special guest appearances and galas.

Zainab is a formidable artist and was chosen Photo of the Month for Washington, DC RAW Artist and nominated as Emerging Designer for DC Fashion Week. She also made a showing at ASC Cycle 4 during New York Fashion Week. In 2017, she successfully promoted and introduced her Men’s Line “Fit For a King” to the world, in a high end fashion show in NYC.

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