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New York Fashion Week 2017

Our lead designer, Zainab Phillips, takes her design up north to the city that never sleeps. New York Fashion Week was all about Hot Mommma , Inc and with Zainab’s unique style and artistic flow, onlookers couldn’t look away. Zainab proudly showcased our men’s Line fitted with high end couture style fashion.

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2017 Miss VietFest United States Beauty Pagent

Miss VietFest Pageant celebrates beauty, culture, and leadership. Encouraging young Vietnamese women to celebrate culture and aspire to reach new heights. Zainab Phillips embroidered this beautiful dress with special design and skill. Always measuring twice and cutting once.

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Top Model wears HotMomma Designz Behind The Scenes 2017

Take a Behind The Scenes Look at Hot Momma Designz Black Abaya custom fitted and designed with an edgy style in mind…

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